Thoughts on Barcelona

Thoughts on Barcelona

Last week, as news from the Barcelona terror attack began to spread, I was getting a different picture from my friends of the ground, so I began a series of tweets to communicate them as I received them.

Many have asked me to put them together for easier reading and to translate them into several languages. That is being done now. In the following relation I will respect the original thread, although some typos and spelling errors will be edited and I have added some notes. The original versions remain available on Twitter.

It started Saturday, August 19th, 2017at 5:30 pm (EST) on the 19th with this tweet:[1]

“The events of Barcelona are enough to make one go over there and slap a few people around. Let me tell you why:

In Gander[2], I speak at length of the Social Democrats inability to realize the threat we are in, and of their utter incompetence. Barcelona proves both points.

On 19 December of 2016, following al-Suri’s strategy[3], there was an attack at a Christmas market in Germany.[4]

The Spanish police took notice, and sent this letter in December 2016 to the local police forces around the country:

The recipients of that letter included the Mozos de Escuadra, Catalonia’s own police force. But the Mozos are more of a political tool for independentists than a police force. So their answer was this:[5]

‘We have no operative, tactic or strategic information suggesting that there is any threat of terrorism in Catalonia regarding any specific point of interest or potential target.’ Declared Xavier Porcuna, spokesman for the Mozos.

This idiot was “surprised” that the national Police had anything to say, since security in Barcelona was an exclusive responsibility of the Generalidad[6], and hence, of the Mozos. How dare they interfere!

On 24 April last, I was in Barcelona with a very high ranking officer of the Police (not the stupid Mozos), for this:[7]

There is more I cannot talk about. We all KNEW IS was there, but Catalan politicians would have none of it. They spent their days criticizing Trump’s wall, singing their love of open borders, and declared Barcelona…a Sanctuary City!!![8]

While their “Antifas” (independentist leftists) campaign against tourism and in favor of refugees.[9]

The press calls those “Antifas”….neighbors! Same as in Charlottesville.[10]

And thus we get to August.

A few days ago, a terrorist bomb making facility blew up in Alcanar, near Barcelona.[11]

Pieces of an ID belonging to one of the Alcanar asswipes were found in the van at the Ramblas two days later. The objective [of the terrorists] was to blow up Sagrada Familia. The great Cathedral designed by Gaudí and an icon filled with thousands of tourists in the heart of town.[12]

The Ramblas attack was Plan B. Think about that.

Most of those arrested were beneficiaries of the welfare state. Catalans were PAYING for the preparation of the attacks.[13] Does any of this sound familiar to you? This is not an immigrant rights issue. This is not a freedom of speech issue. This is not a left or right issue. It is our f*cking survival we are talking about. Ours and that of the real immigrants: The Muslims that were also butchered at the Ramblas, blacks, whites, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists. We are immersed in a struggle against evil, want it or not.

It’s high time we realize that bullsh*t kills. The crap coming out of the mouth of the spokesmen for the Mozos and of politicians like this lowlife, kills:

‘May the struggle of the Arab people grow throughout the continent and spread like power fire top Europe and the United States.’[14] Remember this the next time an idiot talks to you about the struggle of the poor and downtrodden.



That thread generated hundreds of hate messages from pro-independence Catalan national socialists. Mostly strings of insults with no argument. That is because they have none. So I answered the following day with this thread:

August 21st, 3:24 pm (EST)

“Yesterday we talked a little about the attack in Barcelona. A few Catalan Nationalists did not like that I did not “pay respect” to the Mozos, the Catalan police. So, let’s do that now, and see how they like it.

On the night of August 16th there was a huge explosion at a house in Alcanar, a sleepy beach town in Tarragona, about 2 hours from Barcelona. Mozos responded to the explosion and deemed it immediately an “accidental explosion” due to “an accumulation of gas.” (no shit, Sherlock)

Because the explosion happened in Catalonia and they declared it an accident before anybody investigated, the Spanish Civil Guard, the guys who DO have the experts, WERE NOT ALLOWED INTO THE SITE. The GC from Sand Carlos de la Rapita, arriving soon after the explosion, could do nothing, and the Mozos knew nothing. Beautiful.

Now, that house had been illegally occupied by a bunch of Arabic speaking fellows for a while, who the neighbors saw carrying stuff in and out; but the Mozos decided there had been an accident and no more and that was it[15], with tragic consequences later. They did not even look, and kept the National Police and the Civil Guard out of the loop.

In the aftermath of the accident they found two corpses. It took them hours to figure out that the two corpses had five feet. The extra foot belonged to a third corpse buried in rubble.[16] They also found a survivor. The Jihadi was then taken to the hospital but, as he was not a suspect in what the Mozos determined had been an accident, HE WAS NOT INTERROGATED. Let that sink in: For A FULL DAY, the Mozos sat on the one person who knew, and did NOTHING. A second opportunity to prevent the attack was missed due to INCOMPETENCE.

Then, the other members of the cell conducted the attacks on the Ramblas. The same Ramblas the Mozos did not want to protect two months earlier, when they had been warned to do so.[17] But it is far from over.

AFTER the attack on the Ramblas, somebody remembered the explosion in Alcanar, and they went back. THEN they discovered a whole section of the house they had not noticed before, full of gas and Acetylene tanks, and learned a lesson in the consequences of imbecility: One of the chaps there stopped to have a cigarette. Bad idea. It’s never a good idea to light a match in an explosives factory.

I said 2 days ago that the bad guys were following the strategies of al-Suri. Well, they were also following Al-Suri’s terrorist cook book, and were trying to build bombs using Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP).[18] That is a nasty and very volatile stuff, and that’s why the terrorists blew up the lab, and that’s why the Mozos, acting in the most stupid manner and still denying access to the real experts, set off a second explosion by lighting a cigar.

Even without interrogating the survivor, had they allowed the Civil Guard explosive experts to enter the site to investigate on the 16th THEY WOULD HAVE KNOWN they had a terrorist cell in their hands.

At the same time, during “Operación Jaula” the dragnet set up to catch the guy who escaped the Ramblas, and still at large as I write this, run over a poor agent of the Mozos. When I reported this incident on Facebook to alert my friends in the area, as it was developing and the van was careening down Casteldefells Avenue in Hospitalet, I received hundreds of insults from Catalans who claimed I was making it up!

They reacted that way, I guess, because the spokesman for the Mozos was announcing at that very moment that no further attacks were expected, that the cell was dismantled  and that all efforts were directed at finding the fugitive from the Ramblas!

That car was later abandoned at St. Just, about 7 miles from the Ramblas. A Mozos agent reported he opened fire on the vehicle killing the driver. Except that, in fact, the corpse was on the right seat and had been killed with a knife. NOT ONE of the 10 shots fired ever hit the van, and the dead body in it had nothing to do with the attacks. Again, great police work. That bullsh*t meant that the actual driver had TEN HOURS head start before anybody went looking for him. Efficient police work, eh?

A second car was heading to the Salou Ocean Walk in Cambrills. There are usually hundreds of people there reveling at the end of a day at the beach. It could have been a massacre.

The car met a couple of Mozos who flagged them down (that report I published was real and they were looking for that car), but the car didn’t stop and run over a female officer, losing control and crashing at a nearby roundabout. Five scumbags came out of the car and attacked the surviving officer, a veteran of the Spanish Legion. He fired four shots, and four terrorists dropped dead instantly.

We cannot thank him. His face is blurred in videos and his name will not be released.

The fifth terrorist run away and bumped into another set of Mozos. These were not legionnaires but trained by the Mozos. The last surviving vermin managed to cut a woman’s throat before being hit by 3 of the 11 shots fired by this well trained officers…5 yards away.

Later I’ll tell you how this all started in another foul up in Ripoll. But for now let me recap.

1-    Mozos are warned to harden targets in December. They ignore and ridicule the warnings.

2-    Several Arabic speaking chaps illegally occupy a house in Alcanar. Despite suspicious movements, NOBODY SAYS ANYTHING, fearful of becoming the target of leftist neighbors.

3-    Bad guys collect gas, tanks and acetylene and begin working on a massive TATP bomb and blow themselves up, killing the leader and two more. A survivor is not interrogated, the place is not handed to forensic and explosive experts and a whole day is lost.

4-    Attack on the Ramblas. Major FUBAR there, too. Maybe another thread.

5-     Mozos declared it’s over. It isn’t. Incident in Hospitalet and St. Just, followed by

6-    Attack in Cambrills. One hero veteran of La Legión. The rest can’t shoot a pig in a wine barrel. More dead.

So, when I say they [the Catalan nationalist government] are STUPID and INCOMPETENT CRETINS, it’s no exaggeration or error in judgment.

My heart goes out to the low ranking officers of the Mozos; the poor folk not paid enough nor trained enough for the risks they take, made the worst by a callous and corrupt leadership that betrays them and the people of Catalonia every day.



Yet again, the voices of Catalan National Socialism rose in unison. But so did those who are beginning to tire of the game in Catalonia. That encouraged a third thread:

22 August 2017, 6:05 pm (EST)

“Another day, another splash into insanity. As somewhat expected, Catalan nationalists did not like yesterday’s truth enema. They are going to like what’s coming in the next few weeks even less.

Like how [Catalan authorities] forgot to request controls on the nearby French border. Controls that were finally established by the French government 24 hours later!

Or how the A3 in Cambrills managed to pass through police checks and but for the Grace of God lost control or we would have had many more civilians dead.

Or how the leader of the IS cell was a known terrorist related to previous act of terrorism and with 4 years in jail for drug trafficking and violation of immigration laws and still able to conduct his business under the benign neglect if not apathy of Catalan authorities… and with the support of high ranking members of the government of Barcelona. All of these will become public news. Some are already talking.[19]

The more the Catalan independentists try to dissimulate and hide these problems; the more they mystify, misdirect and attack those who bring the facts to light, the more they expose their callousness and indifference to human life.

Yesterday, hundreds of them bit like rats in three typos in my thread:

  1. It’s not “Sand Carlos de la Rabida” but, they pointed out endlessly, “San Carlos de la Rapita,” or, as the more obtuse suggested, “St. Carles de la Rapita”
  2. The explosion at Alcanar was not in the morning of the 16th, but near midnight. It was 8AM to me and I confess to the crime of getting confused as I was writing the tweet.
  3. The car in Cambrills was not a van, but an Audi A3, as I reported a day earlier as it was happening.

All of these I owned immediately, and all are utterly irrelevant. The spelling or language of a name and whether the Police sat on their thumbs for 1 day or 2 does not change the relevant facts.

Those facts they do not want to discuss. They also have no interest in discussing that the Chief of the Mozos (I shall never write Mossos again), was conducting his investigation while having fun at a soccer game.

Or that the Vice Mayor of Barcelona, Jaume Asens, great defender of squatters like the ones in Alcanar,[20] was also the lawyer who represented the terrorist Imam who organized the terrorist cell,[21] and he is also a staunch supporter of Pablo Iglesias, the leader of the Hugo Chavez financed Fascist party that came out of left field a few years ago.[22]

Or that Oriol Junqueras, leader of ERC (Republican Left of Catalonia), has been taken Islamic classes for months in an effort to convert to Islam, further embracing those wonderful men fighting against imperialism, colonialism and for social justice.[23]

No. They want to discuss spelling and typos, because reality is too harsh.

So they honor me by calling me a Fascist and a “catalanophobe”, whatever the heck that means.

As for fascist, I let my record stack up against theirs anytime: Mine is easy to figure out. They are the ones who want speech control, government intrusion and ethnic discrimination, like that cretin, Joaquin Forn Chiairello, Interior Minister of the Generalitat (Consejero del interior), who distinguished Catalans and Spaniards among the dead and who, himself, is a second generation Ecuadoran.

Me? I am a direct descendant of Otger Catalo and 4 of the Conquerors who wrestled Barcelona from the Moors[24], and of the first Vejer of the Castle of Montjuic in Barcelona, among others.

My ancestors hung on the walls of the Cathedral of Barcelona for all to see. Their bodies, not their portraits.

By that reckoning I am more Catalan than any of those fanatical converts can ever hope to be. And I’ll say it straight: While I have heretofore not given a crap about the independentist movement in Catalonia, now I do. I have been fighting Fascism since I could handle a weapon and a pen, and now I know who they are.

If you, dear reader, are one of them, piss off. I will block anybody who confronts me with anything but a reasoned argument, without further notice.

I will also make extra sure that the iniquities, imbecilities and displays of gross incompetence of your standard bearers is exposed for the world to see the abject idiocy of your cause exposed: You asked for it.

To you, sane Catalans and Spaniards of every province who are tired of this nonsense, I am your new friend. Call on me as needed. I will be there.


It has now been a week since I wrote the first thread, and many newspapers have begun to finally publish the litany of mishaps and errors committed before, during and after the attack on the Ramblas by the infantilistic nationalist leaders of Catalonia and, especially, those of Barcelona. Better late than never.

If the Catalan separatists ever wanted to show their capacity to organize themselves as an independent state, I daresay they have failed miserably: Empty rhetoric and grandstanding may work to whip a crowd on nincompoops into a frenzy, but are not sufficient qualifications to organize a civil society.

By their actions, by showing their callousness, incompetence and stupidity, the nationalist leaders of Catalonia have clearly shown that they are not up to the task.

In Luis del Pino’s eloquent words, it takes adults to forge a state[25], not these infantilistic morons.

When the waters recede, and calm reasoning replaces the heated arguments of the moment, people may come to realize the National Socialism that inspires and informs the Catalan leadership should be confined to the garbage pile of history.

So may it be.




[2] Saul M. Montes-Bradley II, “Gander: Terrorism, Incompetence and the Rise of Islamic National Socialism”, 2016,

[3] Abu Musab al-Suri, “The Call to Global Islamic resistance.” For a brief explanation, see here:



[6] Generalidad or, in Catalan, Generalitat, is the government of the autonomous region of Catalonia.








[14] Juan Carlos Monedero, one of the founders of a Venezuela financed Spanish political party named after Barak Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan, generated a twitter storm of its own. I will discuss that in an upcoming blog.

[15] They also claimed it had been a drug manufacturing facility, in spite of the doubts expressed by the intervening magistrate.

[16] This turned out to be the cadaver of the Imam who recruited and organized the terrorist cell.

[17] Finally, last week the City Council of Barcelona retracted their earlier policy and voted to build barriers….but nothing has been done yet.





[22] Indeed, a co-founder with Monedero, the chap who wants Islamo-Fascism to spread like powder to Europe and the US.

[23] Many pointed out he did not convert to Islam. It is true, and I do not state he did. Reports of his studies, as stated, abound in the Spanish press.

[24] In a rather humorous twist, many took this reference to the mythical founders of Barcelona, akin to the legend of Romulo and Remo in Rome, literally, entirely missing the point: My ancestry goes back to the conquest of Barcelona, as insinuated in the paragraph following that statement. Perhaps an unintended consequence of their dogmatic training results in a loss of any sense of humor or capacity to understand figurative language.







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