The Catalonia Canard

The Catalonia Canard

As things in Catalonia are drawing to an ignominious close for the separatists, it is time to do a little recap.

Why this mess?

Why now?

This latest phase begun in earnest soon after the attacks in Barcelona.

While the world watched in awe at the incredible incapacity bordering on callousness of the Catalan government and their hapless police force, which I reported in real time, the very imbeciles who ignored all warnings and blundered their way through the tragic events decided to exploit the crisis to distract from their corruption and incompetence.

To be sure, this is not a new phenomenon, nor am I making that claim now.


Josep Tarradellas (1899-1988), one of the founding members of ERC and a veteran of the Spanish Republic and the struggle against Franco, became the first president of the Generalitat in 1977[1], and during the period of adoption of the Spanish Constitution and the establishment of the current autonomous period.

Soon after he left his position to Jordi Pujol, I was reading La Vanguardia at “La Cava Universal” one of my favorite spots on the Ramblas, at Anselmo Clavé Street, in the shade of the Columbus monument. The letter was dated on 16 April 1981, and Tarradellas words ring prophetic today: Pujol, he claimed, was determined to “Hide the failures of his government and lack of moral authority of his minions” by the old trick of playing the persecuted, the victim.Sounds familiar?

For 36 years, as the independentist leaders of Catalonia gave abundant proof of their incompetence, immorality and corruption, they faithfully played the cards anticipated by Tarradellas.


It all came to a head in 2015, as police raided Pujol’s house in the midst of a corruption investigation. It turns out the patriots of Catalonia had been stuffing their bank accounts in Andorra for years while beating their chests and proclaiming lofty intentions.

As part of the investigation, police also raided the offices of CDC, Pujol’s political party[2], then already in the hands of his successor, Artur Mas. As evidence of kickbacks and graft mounted, Mas was quick to fall back into Tarradellas’s “oldest trick”: He claimed the investigation was an effort to derail Catalonian independence!

In September of 2015, in the midst of these corruption scandals, they had parliamentary elections in Catalonia. To distract from the investigations that plagued the independentists…they turned it into an independence plebiscite! And they lost. Artur Mas, Oriol Junqueras and Raul Romeva, pre announcing the delirium  in which they are immersed today, celebrated their victory…while the CUP admitted without doubt that more Catalans opposed independence than favored it.

That was the one serious plebiscite on Catalonian independence. And independentists lost it. They got 47.5%, yet they still moved to declare independence in November, a preview of what was to come later. It was all found to be illegal…and proceedings abated, but more later.

At about the same time, the now vice Mayor of Barcelona, Jaume Assens, was securing the freedom of Abdelbaki Es-Satty, who went on to recruit the cell that carried out the attacks in Barcelona.

The ruse to invoke Catalan nazi-onanism to distract from the corruption scandal did not work. But through it all, Mas, Puigdemont, Junqueras et al continued to trek to Andorra to deposit their commissions in that banking paradise.

End of Fiscal Paradise

Until January of 2017. To the dismay of corrupt politicians in Catalonia, they began receiving phone calls from Andorra. The fiscal paradise was to be no more. They had to get their heinies there and transfer the accounts to Panama. Andorra La Vieja became suddenly active with Catalans running to move their assets. But soon they learned it was going to get worse. In July of 2017, Andorra criminalized tax evasion, and announced that in January 2018, the banks customer lists would become…public!

Imagine the panic in the hallways of the Generalitat. Talk of independence acquired a new urgency. Better independent that in the pokey, I guess.

A Crisis to Exploit

But Es-Satty, that protégé of the vice Mayor of Barcelona, had plans of his own, which we found out about in August.

The bodies in the Ramblas were still warm when Separatists launched their newest effort. First, by turning the mourning for the victims into an independentist carnival. And new players flocked into Barcelona to participate in the anti-Spain fest under the guise of protesting terrorism.

Terrorists and Other Vermin

As the crowds subsided, on 27 August, a meeting took place at the house of a notorious Trotskyite, Jaume Roures, a multi-millionaire who controls the separatist Catalan media. His contempt for Spain is notorious, as is his contempt for democracy. He recently declared in an interview with leftist newspaper Libération in France, that he makes money “to serve my ideology. (Et de toute façon, je fais de l’argent pour servir mes idées.)

A who’s who of Spanish and Catalan assholery was present. The organizer, Oriol Soler, accompanied among others by  Pablo Iglesias, founder and leader of Podemos, a Trotskyite group financed by Iran and Venezuela and with no representation in Catalonia; Mohammed bin Jaham al-Kuwari, Qatar’s ambassador to Spain and close aid to Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, Emir of Qatar and longtime sponsor of terrorism[3].

Marta Pascal, leader of Partit Demòcrata Europeu Català (PDeCAT), saw it as a three-party alliance of the left looking beyond the referendum they already knew to be coming on October 1st, before any laws were passed.

How do we know? Latter day Bolsheviks aren’t as savvy as they think. They were photographed going in… You just cannot trust the abundance of cameras today.

On September 6, in violation of every rule of the Parlament of Catalonia and the Statute of Autonomy, they approved the law that set the current charade in motion. On the same day, Artur Mas, the leader of the gang, and other Generalitat officials, were ordered to pony up 5.2 million Euros to pay for the damages of the previous illegal plebiscite on independence on 9 November 2014. Out of their own pockets, too!

I do not believe in coincidences. That night, facing a boycott by nearly 50% of the deputies, the Parlament adopted the law and damn the torpedoes. Why was it illegal? By their own rules, laws that change the status of Catalonia must have 2/3 approval. The result was  72-60 with 3 abstentions, but they needed 90 for it to have any validity, not counting the Spanish Constitution, approved by near unanimity in Catalonia in 1978. To make matters more interesting, there was no census, no voter’s lists and no conditions to organize any serious election.

Facing hefty fines and corruption probes, the leaders of Junts pel Si[4] and ERC were not about to be deterred.

Let the Russians Join In


Other players now joined the fray. Russian and Iranian bots in social media, assisted by their usual partners in the media begun to paint this charade as a fight for democracy against an abusive power!

People like this:

Notice how they speak of a “crackdown” that never took place as of 2September 20th, and of a “democracy” — the Catalan government — that intimidates judges and by design does away with separation of powers![5]

On September 22, they all jumped on Google for “censoring” access to voting information websites. It was, in point of fact, an order of the Superior Tribunal of Catalonia, and those sites were taken down in compliance with the law.

But truth would suffer more casualties in this process, always fed buy the Russian machine, happy to see a looming European crisis.

Illegality, Sedition and Church

As expected, the Superior Tribunal of Catalonia declared the whole thing null, and ordered the Mozos, (Catalonian Police) and the Civil Guard and National Police, acting as Judiciary police, to close the voting centers and confiscate voting materials.

The Mozos went to the various voting places, said hello, left everyone unmolested and informed that they had accomplished the mission. Just to be sure, they placed some election centers and materials in churches and Catholic schools, with the complicity of the local Catholic church.

Finally, on October 1st, the Civil Guard and Police were forced to intervene, following orders not of the central government in Madrid, but of the Superior Tribunal in Catalonia!

Not that the independentists care. They were already immersed in a campaign to intimidate the judges into compliance, and one lie more or less made no difference.

The Referendum

The Referendum on October 1st came and went without any of the trappings of a democratic exercise. Stuffed ballot boxes, people voting numerous times (many of them, idiots, smiling for the cameras every time),  children voting, most of it caught in cameras while the police were trying to fulfill the court’s order and confiscate the whole shebang.

Immediately, cries of repression and brutality were raised by the usual suspects. All of them proven to be false. Pictures of bloody faces that turned out to be from Italy and Germany as early as 2012; wounded ladies that turned out to be OK and working for the ERC; Old ladies that were posing for pictures with ETA terrorists…in the end, only two people were hospitalized, one of them an old man who suffered a heart attack. Of the more than 800 so-called victims of brutal repression claimed by the Separatists and widely reported in the international press, NONE ever set foot in a hospital. The list included people treated on the scene for anxiety, cigarette smoke inhalation and maybe stepping on a banana peel…Out of theoretically nearly 2.000.000 people who participated in the event. One might say it is the triumph of propaganda over reason. There were, in fact, more police injured than “protesters.” Still, about 39 out of 431 of the police officers wounded needed attention. Most suffered scratches and bites, probably from the hysterical “voters” treated for anxiety.

This should have been the end of the carnival. The referendum failed, blame the “repressive” Spaniards and call it a day. But, as I’ve said, there is good reason for the Catalan authorities to not want a return to normalcy. In a bid to sell the settlement of the affair in a North Korean fashion — pay me or I’ll create havoc — they doubled down; and threats to declare independence anyhow were issued by Puigdemont as if October 1st had been real. Big mistake.

The Jig is Up

First, the European Union, contrary to their expectations, told them to go fly a kite. The Prime Minister of France was no less adamant. The leaders of other European countries followed suit: Nobody wants this crap to extend to, say, Bavaria or Lombardy, except for Vladimir Putin, the Mullahs and their minions.

Finally, King Phillip broke his silence and clearly stated that the seditious Catalans could expect nothing but the application of the Law under the Spanish Constitution. Bad news for them. The King, of course will not speak without clear guarantees that the Government has no other intentions; and once he does, his word cannot be undone[6]. They should have negotiated earlier.

By now, separatists are beginning to get the message, but I fear it’s too late.

As the Trotskyite leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, calls for negotiations mediated by the Catholic Church — an irony that makes us forget that the church is, indeed, a player in this matter[7] — and others are beginning to get the message, the Spanish government is looking into the links of the Catalan National Assembly with terrorist organizations; Major Trapero, (Chief of Catalonian Police or Mozos), together with Jordi Sánchez (President of the Assembly) and Jordi Cuixart (president of Omnium Cultural, Assange’s paymaster), are heading for a sedition trial; Sabadell and Caixa banks, 1 and 2 in Catalonia are moving to Valencia and Baleares and Occidental Catalana is packing it’s bags to Madrid while the Catalan commies have no better idea than to call for a boycott!

If there is one thing I know, is that when the money runs away the game is over. La Caixa, Sabadell and the others are abandoning a sinking ship. Puigdemont is running out of options and also open to Iglesias’ request for church mediation, even PDeCAT got into that game. But President Rajoy refuses to meet with them and tells them the only solution is a return to the Rule of Law. Good for him. Their extortive game is up.

A Trail of Woe

As the separatists run out of options, things do not look good for Catalonia. Spaniards are cancelling orders of Catalan products, the hotels are empty, their firms are leaving ship, unemployment is growing by the hour and the situation promises to hit the Catalan GDP hard. Even the local press is taking notice.

Soon, if Puigdemont, Junqueras and the gang of Mafiosi who control the Catalan government do not see the writing on the wall and surrender to reality, their own followers are going to eat them alive.

Well, most of them. In their wake, these intellectual retards are leaving behind a legacy of corruption and destruction and the reawakened terrorists of Terra Lliure, who promise to keep the Spanish police occupied for a while. They have been associated with CUP for a while, have participated in the harassment of the Civil Guard, and now are promising a return to the good old days of the 1970s. Perhaps they’ll become the lasting face of this hodgepodge of Trotskyites, 1970s nostalgics, Russians, Iranians, Venezuelans and international terrorism.

Good riddance. They can take their Cuban flag with them as Catalonia is restored to its rightful place in Spain.


[1] In the delusional world of Catalan separatism, he is listed as the 130th President, the first being Berenger de Cruilles in 1359. It is as if some idiot claimed that Boudicca was the first Prime Minister of Great Britain or Vercingetorix the first President of France. But that is par for the game for the intellectually challenged separatists and their brand of revisionism.

[2] Catalonia Democratic Convergence, the party that kept him as President for 23 years.

[3] A close relative of Mohammed al-Kuwari, Salem Hassan Khalifa Rashid Al Kuwari, has long been identified as a al-Qa’ida supporter and is mentioned in the list of 59 individuals and 12 entities designated as terrorism supporters issued by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

[4] An “alliance” to hide the name of Pujol’s party, much in disgrace, made up of Convergéncia and ERC, or Republican Left.

[5] The tract eliminates the independence of the Judiciary and consolidates all powers in the executive.

[6] I published a translation a couple of hours after the address, it can be read here:

[7] That does not mean that the Black Pope is not interested in having a hand at this. I hope the Spanish government ignores his suggestions.