The Islamofophia Canard

The Islamophobia Canard

(excerpt from Gander: Incompetence, Terrorism and the Rise of Islamic National Socialism, Chapter 17)

On September 20th, 2001, President Bush in his address to Congress stated that Our war on terror begins with al-Qa’ida, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped, and defeated;” and on July 12th, 2004, added “The appeal of justice and liberty, in the end, is greater than the appeal of hatred and tyranny in any form.” He was right, on both counts. Unfortunately, the war on terror was transmuted into the fallacy “bin Laden is dead and al-Qa’ida is on the run,” repeated ad nauseam during the 2012 election campaign, and the justice of his statement on the appeal of Justice and Liberty was diluted by those who, claiming to fight racism, cannot but act on the soft bigotry of their own beliefs. To them, modern day Fascists by any other name, tyranny is a natural form of government for the Arab countries, promoting Liberty in their lands is folly, and encouraging Justice a fool’s errand.

The transmutation is not by chance. In an effort to show their open mindedness after decades of ignorance, some policymakers embraced the wrong partners to show their support for Muslims they had never bothered to know in the first place. Lacking any knowledge, they embraced associations like CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), whose leaders have long had a comfortable relationship with Islamic terrorists. CAIR’s Executive Director, Nihad Awad, was shown to have participated in planning meetings with the Holy Land Foundation that resulted in more than 12 million dollars being sent to Hamas to finance terrorism,[1] as well as in meetings of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee in 1993.[2]  In 2014, the United Arab Emirates listed CAIR as a terrorist organization.[3] And yet, CAIR’s campaign to ban the use of the word jihadist in references to Islamo-Fascist terrorism finds sympathy in the halls of Congress and in intellectual circles, and CAIR members are appointed even to the White House to serve as advisors!—for instance, Zaki Barzinji, grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood point man in America, Jamal Barzinji, and a Brotherhood militant in his own right, was appointed liaison to the Muslim American community under the White House’s Office of Public Engagement, after serving as Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia.

It is ironic, perhaps, that with millions of law-abiding Muslims in the US, indeed, of Muslim Patriots who have freely given their blood in our armed forces advancing the cause of Liberty, it is among the purveyors of Islamic National Socialism that the Obama administration and some politicians have found their points of reference. It is tragic that, in so doing, they contribute to further alienate the very Muslim population they claim to embrace. As Arab American journalist Ray Hanania so eloquently put it on occasion of the election of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency of the United States: “The bottom line is that Trump’s election is a slap on the face of American media which feeds on anti-Arab, anti-Muslim racism more than Donald Trump ever did.”[4] And so they do. Under the guise of righteous indignation for imaginary affronts, subtly they plant the seed of discord.

The same can be said of the empty rhetoric about open borders. As Kemal Atatürk remarked in his memoirs: “Poor Wilson, he did not understand that lines which are not defended by the bayonet, by force, by honor and dignity, cannot be defended by any other principle.”[5] In the strange world of social democratic political correctness in which we live, to speak of controlling our borders is indulging in the unforgivable sin of immigrant bashing. But Atatürk was right. Vigilance in our borders is a necessity today more than at any other time in our history, and all the empty talk of modern-day Chamberlains will not change that fact.

[1] Dallas Morning News, FBI: CAIR is a Front Group, and Holy Land Foundation tapped Hamas Clerics for Fundraisers, October 2008, Dallas News Online. Five officers of the Holy Land Foundation were eventually convicted and sentenced to up to 65 year in prison.

[2] Scott W. Johnson, Coming Clear about CAIR, The National Review, August 27th, 2007.

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