The Radical Islam Canard

The Radical Islam Canard

Otto Skorzeny and Adolf Hitler at the Wolfeschanze, after the rescue of Mussolini from the Grand Sasso: “Skorzeny, you are a man after my own heart. You have gained the day and crowned our mission with success. Your Führer thanks you!”


In late 1975, after months of fighting lung cancer, SS-Sturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny died what I hope was a slow and painful death. Thus came to the end a life that reads like an Ian Fleming story from Hell.

In his villa in Marbella, overlooking the Mediterranean, he penned his memoirs, published shortly before checking out from this world in August of 1975.[1]

A self serving tract exploiting his fame as a daring commando who rescued Mussolini from the Grand Sasso and his role in promoting Nazism after the war, he ends with a singular warning:

“We know that Hitler gave a great deal of thought – as did Lenin, by the way – to Clausewitz’s answer to the famous question: ‘What is war?’

His answer is well known;

‘War is only a continuation of politics with other means’

If these means have been fundamentally changed by the atom bomb, only the special action remains as the clearest expression of ‘continuation of politics.’ In most cases such an action is more of a matter of politics or economics than actual military science. Like it or not, a new type of soldier has arisen: an organized adventurer. He must have some of the qualities of a guerilla, a man of science and an inventor, of a scholar and psychologist. He can emerge from the water or fall from the sky, can walk peaceably along the streets of the enemy’s capital or issue him false orders. In reality war is for him an anachronism. In vain the ‘traditional’ generals view him with understandable suspicion. He exists and can no longer disappear from the battlefield; he is the authentic secret weapon of his fatherland.”[2]

He knew what he was talking about. After escaping Germany in 1946, with assistance from Spain’s Fascist dictator Francisco Franco, he landed in Argentina where he became a bodyguard to First Lady Eva Perón, (herself a veteran Abwehr agent) and, some say, her lover. He was not alone. Under the protection of President Juan D. Perón (another Abwehr agent whose campaign in 1946 was finance by Ludwig Freude, LATAM chief for the Abwehr and Peron’s campaign secretary), there were thousands of Nazis working to continue the Führer’s work. Out of their base in Buenos Aires —one might say, at the Presidential Palace there— they created a network that spanned nearly every South American country, hatching all kinds of plots to undermine the US and advance National Socialism.

One of the most prominent members of this singular club was Dr. Johann von Leers, a prominent and prolific apologist of National Socialism who continued his literary production in Buenos Aires, under his own name, until the fall of Perón in 1955. Within a couple of years, led by von Leers and Skorzeny, around 3,000 former SS officers made the trip from Buenos Aires to Cairo where they settled under the protection of Gamal Abdel Nasser, the National Socialist dictator there.  Upon his arrival in Cairo, von Leers proclaimed: Argentina is finished as a superstate. After Peron’s fall, the Jews and the clerics, the vultures and the ravens, took over.”

Johann (Amin Omar) von Leers Berlin, c.1939

From his perch in Cairo, von Leers promoted the destruction of Judeo-Christianism and the expansion of Islam in Europe to achieve a Euro-Arab union through the adoption of a common religion, while praising the persecution of Jews under Islam as an “eternal service to the world;” and proclaiming: “If there is any hope of liberating the world from Jewish tyranny, then with the help of the Muslims who unwaveringly resist Zionism, colonialism and imperialism.”  Even from Argentina, von Leers was already showing his sympathies: From Indonesia to Pakistan and Morocco the green banners of freedom and God’s justice fly against the iniquities of colonialism…and the powerful figure raises in the desert of the upcoming Mahdi, whom Muslims have been awaiting for centuries.”

Amin el-Husseini and Gamal Abdel Nasser Cairo, c. 1956

He found the Mahdi in el-Reis (Der Führer) Nasser, under whose patronage he was instrumental in developing the ideology that still mobilizes Skorzeny’s “new type of soldier.” Von Leers’ house villa on 52 Eleventh Street in the Ma’adi district of Cairo was a central meeting point for Nazis from around the world, and from there he managed a network extending the ratline to Arab countries. No one will ever know how many war criminals he assisted, but we do know of several of the most egregious. In 1950, he arranged for Adolf Eichmann and Karl Klingenfuss’s escape to Argentina. In 1952, he expedited Franz Rademacher’s to Buenos Aires and again in 1955 to Cairo. In 1958, when the Butcher of Buchenwald, Dr. Hans Eisele, jumped bail, he promptly reappeared in Cairo. Von Leers not only arranged for the trip, but also protected him in Egypt against extradition. Soon after, he arranged the trip to Cairo for former Nazi storm trooper Ludwig Pankras Zind, who immediately went to work for Von Leers and Appler.

Skorzeny’s role was to create a special commando unit, the Fedayyen, to carry out attacks within Israel, while von Leers directed the propaganda office.

Recruits for the Feddayeen where Cairo University students who were generally members of the Muslim Brotherhood. One of the most infamous was an engineering student and later Lt. in the Egyptian Army, known to us as Yasser Arafat.[3] Other than Skorzeny, training was in charge of former Gestapo agent Erich Altern, Kreishauptmann in Galicia, Poland, and SS-Untersturmführer Wilhelm Boerner, a brutal guard at Mauthausen who also worked with von Leers in the Information Ministry.[4] Other trainees also sound familiar, including Aymann el-Zawahiri, Abbud al-Zumar, and Sayyed Imam al-Sharif.[5]

Amin el-Husseini and Adolf Hitler Berlin, November 28th, 1941

These many years later, Skorzeny’s “new type of soldier,” still led by his disciples, create havoc in the streets of Western cities while, in a style reminiscent of Neville’s appeasement, we engage in a policy marked by ignorance and inaction, while the social democrats in Europe and the US become willing or unwilling apologists prevented by their own socialist ideologies from identifying the threat.

Tragically, even those who do see the looming danger are blinded by the cloak of Islamism devised by von Leers and al-Hussseini and do not see the National-Socialist agenda pursued by these groups. Many who are ready to launch religious crusades fail to see that these Islamo-Nazis count on alliances and support from “Christian” partners throughout the world, especially in South America.

It’s time to get our eyes on the ball and confront Skorzeny’s new soldiers, from al-Qa’ida to Sacerdotes por el Tercer Mundo or the Talibanes del Altiplano for what they are: the spawn of Nazism, irrespective of the religion behind which they choose to hide or which they use to recruit cannon fodder, and leave religious arguments to theologians. Paraphrasing a 1990’s election slogan: “It’s the ideology, stupid.”

Aymann al-Zawahiri founder and commander of al-Qa’ida. Recruited as a commando when a young medical student at Cairo University


[1] Otto Skorzeny, Maine Kommando Unternehmen, Munich, 1993

[2] Idem, p. 468

[3] Arafat claimed to be a nephew of Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem,  SS-Gruppenführer of the Handschar Brigade, who was von Leers friend and mentor. Indeed, von Leers converted to Islam and changed his name to Amin Omar von Leers, “in honor of my friend, the Grand Mufti”.

[4] Saul M. Montes-Bradley II, Gander: Terrorism, Incompetence and the Rise of Islamic National Socialism, South Boston, 2016, Appendix II.

[5] This three were among the founders of al-Jihad while students at Cairo University in 1967. In 1988, al-Zawahiri and al-Sharif became founders of al-Qa’ida, still today under the control of al-Zawahiri.


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